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Monday and Tuesday. Varsity Kansas City features local student athletes and teams from the Kansas City, Missouri area.


Two episodes every week so we can bring you as many stories from as many local varsity teams possible.

Varsity Kansas City features a regular panel of veteran sports reporters featuring student athletes from suburban Kansas City, Missouri high schools.

The panel offers listeners insight into their favorite local teams through insight and stories not found in any other media outlet. Whether we’re current athletes, former athletes, spectators, or even a combination of these, our interest in sports likely started because the games were fun. Sports should be fun — especially high school sports. So much of our communities’ identities and social interaction is intertwined with high school activities, we put this group together in an effort to create a media service reminding all of us of the role sports provide our communities. Your support helps us continue this effort, add more local content and insure local sports coverage continues at a level you deserve.

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